processos de reconhecimento da propriedade privada de imoveis localizados no dominio publico maritimo

The law n. º 34/2014 published yesterday in the Official Gazette of Portugal, proceeded to the second amendment to the ownership regime of water resources, disposed in the law n. º 54/2005, of the 15th of November. Among the main modifications introduced, the elimination of the previously stipulated deadline for private owners to enforce their rights (1st of July of 2014), allowing them to propose, at any time, actions for the recognition of private property.

Another more significant change results in the simplification of evidence in certain situations, namely in the case of property that are integrated in consolidated urban areas (as defined in the Regime Jurídico de Urbanização e Edificação), far from the risk of erosion or seawater intrusion, and that are occupied by constructions previous to 1951; and land that occupies the edges of the water courses in zones that are not subject to the jurisdiction of maritime or port authority agencies.

In the majority of the many cases, with the burden of proof, the owners continue to be obliged to demonstrate that the properties in question already were of private domain before the 31st of December of 1864 (or the 22nd of March of 1868, in the case of craggy cliffs).

LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos e Galvão Teles, due to its experience in the investigation of archives, will continue to make its services of history and patrimony consulting available and to cooperate with the owners or lawyers mandated by the latter in obtaining documents that hold the ownership of property located in the area of the public waterways domain.

See attached the law which introduced the new changes.

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Claustro afonsino Batalha

“Elementos de uma cultura dinástica e visual: os sinais heráldicos e emblemáticos do rei D. Duarte” is the title of the text that João Bernardo Galvão Teles, partner at LMT Abreu Loureiro, Correia de Matos & Galvão Teles, published in co-authorship with Miguel Metelo de Seixas, president of the Instituto Português de Heráldica, in a collection of studies dedicated to that monarch of the fifteenth century.

With the title D. Duarte and his time: Art, Culture and Spirituality, having been coordinated by Catarina Fernandes Barreira and Miguel Metelo de Seixas, this book also counts with the cooperation of several other specialists, such as Manuela Santos Silva, Margarida Garcez Ventura, Maria de Lurdes Rosa, Pedro Flor and Saul António Gomes.

The edition resulted from a partnership between the Institute for Medieval Studies, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa with the Lusíada Centre of Genealogical Studies, Historical Heraldry and the Lusíada University of Lisbon and was presented at the present date in a session held at the centennial Ferin bookshop, in Chiado, Lisbon.